This is us

Zoi and Phil - couple and team at the same time. Our heart beats for handmade ceramics from Portugal. We have made it our mission to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design and bring a piece of Portugal into your own four walls. The goal is to develop durable products under fair and sustainable conditions.

Phil was taken to Portugal again and again by his father at a young age, perhaps to continue the trade in ceramics one day. In the process, he learned to love the country, the people and the culture. Phil is primarily concerned with purchasing and inventory. What connects Phil with Portugal? The serenity of the Portuguese. Everything is a bit more relaxed. Enviable!

Zoi spent some time in London after graduating from high school. Since then, she has been characterized by her cosmopolitanism and creativity. She is responsible for social media and marketing. What does Zoi love about Portugal? The loud sound of the sea and that you can get fresh fish in any restaurant. And good red wine, of course.

Portofino Ceramica

was already founded 25 years ago by Richard Pollmeier, Phil's father. To this day, he imports handmade ceramics from Portugal and supplies the wholesale trade. Why actually Portofino Ceramica? Isn't Portofino a place in northern Italy? Correct! Portofino is where our brand was born.

Since Phil joined the family business, we quickly realized: we want to make our unique ceramics accessible to everyone. We want to take people like you on our journey, inspire and revive handmade natural products.